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Long Beach Giving Project Progress!

30 Mar
On Monday, Mom, Michael and I went to Joann’s to choose the fleece blankets we’re donating to Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach. We choose some really cute patterns, and a good balance of boy and girl designs. Michael had a great time putting his two cents in LOL
On Tuesday, Mom and I went to Affordable Treasures to purchase the baby items for our church’s Food Pantry. This was going to be the difficult part! We had $136 left to purchase items. It was a 50% sale this week, so it took a pad, a pen, my phone’s calculator, and about 2 hours to get it right. And we did! I spent $135.86. These bags, in addition to the 4 bags from the Long Beach Giving Project Dinner & Presentations, will be going to the Broken Loaf Food Pantry at Lakewood First United Methodist Church. I’m so thrilled. Both of these projects are close to my heart. It’s alot of work, but sooo worth it 🙂

Lessons from a blogger

12 Mar

I’m relatively new to blogging. I’m still a toddler 🙂 But I’m learning. Write what you know. Write about your life, because you won’t get this time back. Don’t jump at every blogging opportunity. I’ve learned the hard way that many companies really don’t care about you as a person. There are some who do. One in particular, the owner has become a good friend of mine. But hey, a business is a business. They care about money first. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned is stay true to yourself. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. Trust your gut with everything. Blogging is no easy feat. But it helps you learn more about you, and sometimes you get lucky and meet the real gems in this world 🙂

Sign Up For My Newsletter!

26 Feb

I now have a weekly newsletter, My Work Of Heart. It’ll detail all of our charity work, His And Her Secrets, Brianne’s Basics, Mikk’s Kid Krusaders, Inspired Grace and so much more!

From time to time I’ll even include coupons and FREEBIES!

How do you sign up?
#1 Connect with me on Google Friend Connect at
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I’ll be sending out 1-2 newsletters per week, depending on what’s going on. Your email will ALWAYS remain private!


@MikksKidKrusade Twitter Contest!

15 Oct


Hey everyone! We’re trying to get the word out about Mikk’s Kid Krusaders!

MKK is our charity family team started by my 8 year old son Michael and his mom Heather (me!). We’re dedicated to helping charities and events!

This fall we’re collecting items and monetary donations to donate to Operation Gratitude.

You can win one of ten troop support or Disney prizes! Yellow ribbon gifts, handmade plaques, and more!

#1 Follow @MikksKidKrusade on Twitter
#2 Mention @MikksKidKrusade in a #FF post!
#3 “Like” us on Facebook

Do all three, and we’ll automatically send you a gift!

We’re trying SO hard to get the word out about my son’s charity, so we’re rewarding our followers who help!

Thank you for your support!

MORE motivation & MORE prizes for #CHOCwalk10

27 Sep

Recently, I saw a picture of my inspiration, Cameron, blowing out birthday candles. This little angel, this sweet sweet girl who’s a survivor, blowing out candles when she wasn’t expected to live. THAT’S why I’m doing CHOC Walk In The Park. They’ve given Cameron and her family more time, more birthdays, more celebrations, more LIFE. And she’s given me the motivation to help fight for those who can’t.

Heather Derouso, the AWESOME founder of Heather’s Cards, has donated (2) $10 gift certificates to her site! She is such an amazingly talented designer. She personally designs and makes each card by hand, and each card truly is a work of art. Baby, birthday, invitations, thank you’s, photo cards, and an exquisite line specifically for weddings.

How can you win one of these gift certificates?

* LB Locals who donate $5, you’ll receive one entry in the drawing.
* For every $10 you donate, you’ll receive one entry in the drawing.
* For every $30, you’ll receive 4 entries!
* And for every $50, you’ll receive 6 entries!

OR businesses can donate & still be entered!
OPTION 1: $25, black and white logo, website address
OPTION 2: $10, business name and website only
(All business donors receive a Disney gift bag and certificate to display!)

Here are the prizes so far:
* $10 gift certificate to Heather’s Cards
* Disneyland Parkhopper ticket
* rare Downtown Disney Build A Bear
* Disney Anime themed scrapbook kit
* Scentsy full size warmer
* Scentsy plug in warmer
* 60 minute Massage @ The Loft On Broadway
* Personal consult, haircut, & design with Robin @ The Loft On Broadway
* European Facial @ The Loft On Broadway

You can donate:
* Online at
* Paypal via heathernelson {at} live {dot} com
* Cash or check (email me for more info, heathercrownelson {at} gmail {dot} com)

THANK YOU for your support. It’s fabulous and overwhelming, and I honestly cannot thank you guys.


PHOTOS: Oh my Patchwork!

28 Jun

I’m now in love with Patchwork Festival. I have never been so inspired in my life! Fantastic arts and crafts fair! I can’t wait for the next one. I’m definitely applying to be a vendor 🙂

Yes I did some shopping. Of course! I bought a gift for Tracy and Matt, a wedding ring cookie to get me in the spirit, a hairpin to complete my outfit, etc. I loved it! (Click on each picture to go to the vendor’s website!)

PHOTOS: Laguna Beach & French 75

28 Jun

I couldn’t resist taking a few artsy shots throughout the day. It was SUCH a beautiful place!

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