Bday Week #5: Party!

28 Mar

Friday was an absolutely insane day! I went into work, and had a bit of a surprise from my coworker. She felt bad that she had missed my Birthday Lunch on Wednesday, so she left gorgeous tulips on my desk! I had a very odd attack, I got dizzy and sick, so my boss let me leave early. On my way home, I missed being in an accident by about 30 seconds… literally! I made a u-turn, and there was an accident right as I parked at the curb! On my way home, I got an email that I was a semifinalist in the Long Beach Giving Project! I was told I had to present my idea on Saturday at the Awards Presentation and Dinner. No pressure right?!

My friends and I started at Fuddrucker’s for dinner. Quite a few of my awesome friends showed up: Lisa & Chris, Jen, Eddy & Matt, Heather, Jonathan, Guitar Tom, Bridget & Chris, Tracy & Matt, Suzanne, April, Dina, Dad & Larry… it was fabulous! After Fuddrucker’s some of us went to Flite Room. And it was insane LOL Bridget surprised me halfway through the night with a very large and very yummy chocolate cupcake with curly q candles! Eddy made a little speech and had the bar sing Happy Birthday to me. It was a crazy crazy night, filled with laughter, fun, and a bit of drama. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday dinner.

And how did the night end? My hubby took me to the park for our First Dance. For various reasons, we didn’t have a First Dance at our Reception. So he took me to the park and we danced to Lucky (the Glee version of course) while Kaylee looked on from her car seat and giggled. Absolutely perfect.


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